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FAQ for Word and Excel Conversion Frequently asked questions concerning our converters

What is the purpose of your converters?

The purpose of our converters is to convert thousands of files (see File Conversion Wizard) in the best possible quality, without the need of an installation of the original file producing program.
Our converters will maintain most of the graphical details and all cell types. To our knowledge there is no better conversion available in the web (for MS-Works or Framework files).

About Lotus WKS files

The famous old Lotus programm 1-2-3 used also the wks extension for its files. Actually, the MS-Works file format seems to be 'inspired' by the Lotus format. But both are quite different and our WKS converter does not handle the Lotus format. Older Excel versions have an own converter for these Lotus wks files.
OpenOffice has Lotus WKS converters too.

But Excel has an optional WKS converter!

This is partialy true. With older Excel version it was possible to install a converter for WKS files, but it will only open WKS files in the Lotus format (please see point above).
And please don't mix up the WPS converter for Word, it will open only text files created by MS-Works.

Are there any additional converters for Word and Excel?

Microsoft provides additional converters for Word and Excel (from 97 to 2003). Unfortunately, since Office 2007 Microsoft has dropped the support of most older file formats. Anyway, please have a look at:
Office Converter Pack
Please note: the current converter pack does not include a WPS converter any more!

I have some WPS files!

MS-Works text files have the extension WPS. All modern Word versions come with some WPS converters, but they have to be installed explicitly. Please insert your Office CD and add all required converters in the setup program. For more modern WPS versions you can download the Microsoft converters here:

Works 2000 Converter for Word Users
Works 6.0 Converter for Word Users

How can I connect a program to an extension?

If you want to start Word/Excel with a doubleklick on a Framework/Works file (*.fw4, *.wks):
  • Rightclick once on any one file with the wanted extension.
  • In the popup menu select "open with" ("Öffnen mit") and select the application program with which you want to open files with this extension.

Can I try before I buy?

We have time unlimited trial versions, which should give a good impression of the performance of our converters.
For the conversion of WKS/WDB files we have a budget version, which has a very fair price. If neccessary, it's possible to upgrade from the budget version to a more powerfull converter without additional costs.

Do I need to deinstall an older version/the trial version?

If you want to install a new converter version, there is no need to deinstall an older (or the trial) version. The setup will do this automatically.

Can I export Excel data to Framework?

Framework can read some other file formats. Try to save the data from Excel in such a format (maybe text is a good one). Don't expect too much (formulas may not be exported), but your pure data (values) will be transferred.

How can I download files to a certain place?
How can I download executable files without executing them?

With some popular browsers, if you click on a link with the left mouse button, the Browser tries to open and execute the linked file itself, which is mostly not a good idea at all.
Instead, press the right mouse button and select "save on disk" (maybe it's named different on your system) in the popup menu.

What shall I do if the converter cannot read one or any of my files?

Before contacting us, please try to open the file in the original program, which generated the file. In most cases the file itself is corrupted. If the file loads ok, then send it to us, we will check it. If necessary, the converter will be improved quickly.

Can I import Excel/Works data in Access?

This is possible: save every worksheet as plain tab delimited text ("Save as"). Then create a new MDB Database and import the text file. Access tries to determine the column types automatically, which does not work very well. Normally you need to adjust the column types manually.

Do you have software that converts Excel files to MS-Works format?

We don't have a converter for this. We think the market for such a product is too small. It would take a couple of man-months of work to develop such a converter. Modern Works versions can read Excel files itsself.

When we tried to install your trial version of the converter,
we got an error message. Where did we go wrong?

If it's an error like "** ERROR(903): Configuration file **" (number and text may differ) the download file is incomplete or corrupted. Our installation files are checking itselfs before starting the real setup.
Such problems are caused by failed downloads. Please try again to download the file.
In some cases this does not help, because the corrupted file is cached in the internet by a proxy server. If this is the case, please send us an email (Please specify the wanted converter version). We will send you the converter via email then.

I do not see the button bar of the converter!?

Please follow these steps:
  1. Close Excel (if opened)
  2. Execute our macro "RemoveWksBars.xla", to do so please klick on:
    "Start->Program files->WksExcelConverter->Remove RL Menuebar"
    (Please ensure that Excel's macro security level is NOT set to high!)
  3. Restart Excel

Now there should be a little window with our buttons:
Screenshot MS-Works to Excel converter addin

You can drag it into the menu bar, which is a better place for it:
Screenshot MS-Works to Excel converter addin

The installation failed, I need help. What shall I do?

Before contacting us, please check the following points:
  • Has the installation process been completed correctly (Finished message and start of Excel/Word)? You can always install a converter over an existing installation without deinstalling it, so try a reinstallation.
  • Word 2000 or XP users should check if the checkbox "Trust all installed Add-Ins and templates" is marked. It's in the "Options->Macro->Security (Extras->Makro->Sicherheit) dialog.
  • Use the normal open function (CTRL-O) of Word/Excel. Check if the converter "file type" is available:
    Works -> Excel: "MS-Works (*.wks)"
    FW -> Excel: "Framework III/IV (*.fw3;*.fw4)"
    FW -> Word: "Framework III/IV (*.fw3;*.fw4)" Not in the Standard version!
    If the converter file type is available then the converter should work, maybe the menubar is missing (see above). Otherwise try to reinstall.

I am stuck, the points above don't help. What now?

We have a little diagnostic tool which determines the system variables which are important for our converter. The program just generates plain text and cannot send any secret data.
Please download and execute this program, then paste the results in an email to: support@rl-conversion.com. Please tell us at which point the problem occured (installation, converting, starting Word/Excel, ..)!