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Features of the Conversion Wizard for Word and Excel

To convert thousands of files (or less) our File-Conversion-Wizard is the tool of choice:
  • Works with Word and Excel (97 or higher). It can use any file format known to Word or Excel (doc, xls, rtf, html, wps, asc, ans, txt, wri, dbf, csv and more)! To get additional file formats click here.
  • The Wizard can use our converters, but it does not contain any converter itself!
    To convert .WKS/.WDB or .FW3/.FW4 files you will need one of our additional converters.
  • External program, changes nothing in Word or Excel. No AddIns!
  • Robust multithreaded design, survives most Word/Excel crashes without problem
  • Converts an unlimited number of files
  • Handles and reproduces complex directory structures
  • Assign a new template style to a lot of Word files in one go
  • Un/protects your Word and Excel file with passwords
  • Easy to use: 5 comfortable steps to specify the conversion process
  • Works under Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP

Download the full version of the conversion wizard, it's free!

If you are interested, please download our R&L-FileWiz:
Download the R&L File Conversion Wizard
Version 1.11, 541 KB, Windows Executable

Any conversion question left?

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