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Logo WKS Converter Conversion of MS-Works Spreadsheet (.wks) and Database (.wdb) files to Excel

Microsoft does not provide an import Excel filter for Works-WKS files later than version 2. (for Works-WPS and Word they do). There is no standard way to convert a lot of MS-Works files into the Excel format. You need to save each file out of Works manually into XLS which is a pain in the neck.
Here comes our MS-Works Spreadsheets to Excel Converter. It does not need a Works Installation and you can use our RL-File-Conversion-Wizard for batch conversion.

Only a few files to convert? Or no Excel available?

You have only a few files to convert and for that purpose the converter is to pricy?
Please click here for our budget converter.
For Excel 2007/2010/2013 and OpenOffice users the budget converter is also an option.

Features of the converter

  • Completely integrated into Excel, no external program
    Excel 2007 and newer ARE NOT SUPPORTED! The converter API has been removed.
    Therefore we cannot create a integrated converter for Excel 2007/2010/2013!
    Excel 2007 (and newer) and OpenOffice users please click here for our standalone conversion suite.
  • Imports MS-Works Spreadsheets (*.WKS) 3.x ,4.x, 200x files
  • Imports MS-Works database (*.WDB) files including format styles
  • Supports our free RL-File-Conversion-Wizard
  • Converts cell alignments, font styles, cell protection, and many more.
  • Excel helper macros to make migration easier
  • No need for a Works installation
  • Works with Windows 8, 7, 2003, XP
  • Free updates

Batch conversion

Batch conversion wizard for Word and Excel To convert thousands of files (or less) you can use our RL-File-Conversion-Wizard. It's freeware.
Please note: the wizard is a great helper tool. It can use all Office converters, but it doesn't contain any converter itself.

Download trial version

If you are interested, please download the free trialversion of our R&L-MS WORKS-Converter:
Download the Converter MS Works WKS/WDB to Excel
Version 2.20, 454 KB, Windows Executable

The trial version replaces and adds some text in every converted file, but is not limited in any other way.
You need administration rights for the installation. The converter itsself does not need admin rights.

Ordering the Converter

The product is available in different versions. For ordering please select the right one and press "Order":

Any question left?

FAQ Please visit our FAQ section    PDF documentation Download PDF file with documentation

Some more infos about MS-Works

MS-Works is a collection of programs: a text processer, a spreadsheet and a database program.
Each program part has a unique file format, please don't mix up the text format with the spreadsheet one.
The WKS-extension was also used by Lotus 1-2-3, but these files have a different format.
There were MS-Works versions available for Mac OS (very rare!), the file formats are different.